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Vision for Dr. Eric A. Dale,  Advanced Periodontal Solutions 

With a focus on comfort, we put each patient at ease, taking the time to explain treatment options and procedures in a relaxed, fun, and friendly manner.  Every treatment plan is personalized, putting patients in control of their effective, predictable, and successful outcomes.  Our warm, welcoming team members are caring, engaging, bright, and responsive.  Patients enjoy their partnership in their oral healthcare and accept recommendations for the treatment they need while happily reporting back to their referring dentists who, in turn, regard us as collaborative experts in each patient’s excellent care.

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What To Expect

Prior to starting treatment we want to get to know you, and give you the opportunity to get to know us.  Dr. Dale will meet you, learn about your past dental care, and ask what level of dental health you are hoping to achieve.  He will review your medical history and do a thorough evaluation.  Dr. Dale will explain to you the difference between periodontal health and periodontal disease.  Based upon where you are now, and where you would like to be in relation to your dental health, Dr. Dale will present options that are available.  We will answer any and all questions that you may have so that you can make an informed decision as to how you would like to proceed.

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