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Advanced Periodontal Solutions and Dental Implants

Eric A. Dale, D.D.S.


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Dental Implants



Dental implants are the #1 treatment option for replacing missing teeth. Implants enable people the opportunity to regain normal function of the tooth without being forced to resort to a bridge or a denture. Implants are utilized to offer patients a foundation for new restorative teeth where natural teeth are missing or have been extracted.



The Benefits of Implants Are Plain and Simple



  • Implants enable you to chew all the foods you love.
  • Implants look and feel natural.
  •  Implants keep you from looking prematurely old.  
  • Implants preserve the bone in your jaw, preventing the collapse of your face.   
  • You can get rid of painful dentures or partials, and not worry about them falling out in public.  
  • Implants are a scientifically advanced treatment option.
  • No damage to neighboring teeth occurs (unlike with bridges or partials).




The tooth structure has two main sections, the root and the crown. The root is the section of the tooth that is below the gumline. A dental implant acts as a replacement for the missing root. The first step of the procedure is the placement of the implant. While a number of doctors may place implants, it is of critical importance to find someone with thorough training and experience in the surgical aspects of implants. Dr. Dale completed an additional 3 years of specialty training beyond dental school which focused on surgery. His practice is limited to the placement of dental implants and periodontics, providing a great depth of experience. Besides taking extensive continuing education, Dr. Dale also teaches other Doctors how to place and restore dental implants.



Once the implant has been placed, it is necessary for the bone to heal around the implant. This is a process called osseointegration. The time required for healing is based on a number of factors. This period can be from 1 to 6 months. Dr. Dale will take the time to answer all your questions at your first appointment.


The next step is to place a crown on the implant. An impression is taken of the top of the implant. A custom crown is then designed. This restoration will be comfortable and cosmetically pleasing. Your completed implant will be fully functional, allowing you to resume normal activities.

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